Let’s play with attractive resources of the area such as canoeing, trekking, camping, hot spring etc.

Lake-Hill Farm

Ice cream shop by a ranch surrounded by rich nature. Experience making freshly made milk into ice and butter!

Open Hours
[winter] 9:00~17:00 [Summer] 9:00~18:00

glass cafe gla_gla

A cafe attached to the glass workshop where you can enjoy art and nature. Experience making glassware yourself. Conducted a blown glass and glass sculpture experience.

Open hours

Aroma-reflexology Salon ' tetote'

Aromatherapy (facial, body, dog) treatment
Relaxation salon

Takarada Nature Experience House

Provides information on nature and various experience programs.
The Nature Experience House is holding many programs every day of the open day!

Rental Bicycle Shop Takayanagi

  • Address
    144,Toyako-Onsen,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5721
    Google Map
  • TEL

Not only for adults but also for children. Rental available from 1 hour!
There are also electric bicycles and two-seater bicycles, and you can enjoy Lake Toya freely.

Toya port service

  • Address
    142,Toyako-Onsen,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5721
    Google Map
  • TEL

Run by a motor boat on Lake Toya

Lake Toya Central Motorboat

  • Address
    1,Toyako-Onsen,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5721
    Google Map
  • TEL

A long-established store founded in 1953. The motor boat “Stealth 3M” can be driven without a license, so you can enjoy driving on the lake.

Toya Marine

  • Address
    7-9,Toyako-Onsen,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5721
    Google Map
  • TEL

We carry out cruising, fishing and rental boats at Lake Toya, the ninth largest lake in Japan.

Sobetsu Fruit Village

A tourist farm opened by farmers in Sobetsu Town in 1987.
Enjoy the deliciousness of harvest and freshly picked fruits ♪

Snow park

A snow playground is open at the silo observatory from late December to early March! Let’s enjoy the winter of Lake Toya with snow rafting and sled corner!
Snow rafting Adult 1500 yen / Child 1000 yen 


Lake Toya cruise

The scenic nature of Lake Toya can be viewed from the sightseeing boat. We also carry out lunch cruises in advance.

Sairo Observation Deck

The Experience House is holding many programs every day of the open day!

Hokkaiido Toyako summit Memorial Museum

  • Address
    142-130,Toyako-Onsen,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5721
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  • TEL

The round table used at the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit meeting, souvenirs sent to the leaders of each country, and introduction of souvenirs from each country are displayed.

Toyako Visitor Centre / Volcano Science Museum

A facility where you can learn about the history of Mt.Usu, the mechanism of the eruption, the actual situation of the damage, and the disaster prevention methods using photos, models, and videos.

Konpira Crater-Remnants of the Disaster walking

  • Address
    142-5,Toyako-Onsen,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5721
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  • TEL

A disaster remains footpath that preserves the remains of the eruption and conveys the magnitude of the volcanic eruption energy.

Open date :April 20th to November 10th

Time:7 am to 6pm ( October and November  7 am to 5 pm)

Attention :November 11th to April 19th is closed for winter

It takes 5 minutes from Toyako onsen bus terminal on foot


Nishiyama Craters Waikung Trail

A footpath where you can experience the state of a disaster that left buildings and roads damaged by the year 2000 eruption of Mt Usu.

Open date

April 20th to November 10th

Open time

April to September open 7 am to 6 pm

October  to November  open 7 am to 5 pm


November 11th to April 19th is closed for winter

How to go to Nisiyama footpath

From JR Toya station to Nishiyama north gate takes 15 minutes by bus

From Toyako onsen bus terminal to Nishiyama north gate takes 3 minutes by bus 


Lake Toya Gurutto Chokoku Koen

As an “open-air sculpture park where people and nature meet each other,” all 58 sculptures are arranged on the lake.
Enjoy harmony between nature and sculpture art over the sculpture

Usuzan Ropeway

We can overlook Lake Toya, Showa Shinzan, the Pacific Ocean, crater!
A 6 minute one-way cable car will give you a big panorama.

Syowa Shinzan Bear Park

The bears are relaxing and lying on each other and playing sumo wrestling.
You can also see the pretty little bear in spring.

Toya Classic Car & Art Gallery

  • Address
    35-12,Toyako-Onsen,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5721
    Google Map
  • TEL

Classic cars such as Rolls-Royce and Porsche 356 are also lined up.

Happy Bell

  • Address
    56,Tsukiura,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5723
    Google Map
  • TEL

In commemoration of visiting Lake Toya, it was installed to ring the bell and wish happiness.

Toyako Museum of Art

A lakeside small art museum where you can enjoy works of art such as the Toya Mura International Sculpture Biennale, Hokkaido’s leading sculptors and photographers

Reconstruction Fountain Square

  • Address
    Toyako-Onsen,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5721
    Google Map
  • TEL

Park with a fountain. Children are playing in the waterways on warm days.

Tsukiura Forest Nature Park

  • Address
    Tsukiura,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5723
    Google Map
  • TEL

A park where you can enjoy a relaxing time in the forest, you will find the ruins of an old noble residence.
It is considered to be the oldest among the larch trees that currently exist in Hokkaido.

100th Anniversary Toyako Onsen Monument

  • Address
    220,Toyako-Onsen,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5721
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  • TEL

A stamp shaped monument about 3 meters high and 4.2 meters wide. You can take a picture of Lake Toya, Nakajima, and Mt. Yotei in a frame.

Park golf course

Toyako Town Historical Park Sunset Hill Park Golf Course

  • Address
    Irie,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5603
    Google Map
  • TEL

Located just next to Road Station “Aputa”. You can play park golf while watching the sea and Mt Usu.

Center Park Golf Course

  • Address
    Toyako-Onsen,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5721
    Google Map
  • TEL

Park golf enthusiasts in Toyako-cho create and manage courses as volunteers.
Anyone can play if you pay 200 yen at the reception!

Toyako Sakura Park Toyako Sakura Park Golf Course

  • Address
    54-380,Toyamachi,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan 〒049-5802
    Google Map
  • TEL

Park golf of all four courses which can enjoy scenery of cherry blossoms and Lake Toya.
It’s a very pleasant place that any generation can enjoy.

Toya Fureai Park Park Golf Course

  • Address
    Toyamachi,Toyako-Cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,Japan, 〒049-5802
    Google Map
  • TEL

Park golf course where playground equipment is installed. Recommended for families.

Camping ground