Toyako Onsen Winter Fireworks 2024

Coloring Toya's winter
『Collaboration of music and fireworks』
This year we will be holding a 22 day long run!
With fireworks shining brightly on the lake surface
Enjoy a luxurious time.
Toyako Onsen Winter Fireworks 2024
Toyako Onsen Winter Fireworks 2024
Toyako Onsen Winter Fireworks 2024
20:30〜 About 8 min
(Canceled in the event of rain or snow)
On the dock infront of the Toyako Kisen head office
(10 minutes walk from Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal)

Special viewing booth

  • Entrance ticket

* Please purchase beforehand on the website.

  • Limited to the day specified!Limit of 40 people per day
  • Standing area
  • Entrance 20:15~20:25
Click here for the website for purchasing admission tickets

Negai Tama in-the-water fireworks

Write a wish on a strip of paper and have it launched with the fireworks into the night sky!
Everyone's wishes will be attached to 108 fireworks and set off on the final day of the event, February 24th (Saturday).

  • Distribution start:
  • 2024.2.3. SAT~
  • Deadline for collection:
  • 2024.2.10. SAT

* Location for distribution and collection: Tourist Association counter
* Please return your strip of paper to the box by the counter.

9:00~17:00(*Gachapon capsule vending machine opening hours / Tourist Association counter opening hours )

Play to win the grand prize of a ticket for a pair trip to Toyako hot springs or an assortment of local specialty goods! Up to 3 chances! Enjoy a stroll around various spots while taking in the charm of the Toyako hot springs area. Complete a bingo card and win a spin at the gachapon!

Bingo Rally Walk PDF Shop list PDF

To the customers who participated

Get a novelty gift
by answering the survey!

*Please present the answer screen at the Toyako Onsen Tourism Association.

[Delivery period]
February 3rd (Friday) to February 24th (Sunday), 2024 <9:00~17:00>

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How to enjoy a Japanese-style fireworks show

Difference in shape
In contrast to cylinder-shaped fireworks overseas, ball-shaped fireworks are the mainstream in Japan.
Difference in color
While fireworks overseas are generally one color, fireworks in Japan are colorful and vibrant with an array of colors.
Difference in setting off fireworks
Fireworks overseas are set off in rapid succession, so the length of the display is shorter. In Japan, the next firework is only set off once the smoke from the last one clears. Fireworks shows in Japan are longer because of this. There is also a difference in height; compared to overseas, fireworks in Japan have a higher altitude.

One of the highlights of the Toyako Onsen Winter Fireworks is the music collaboration.
Please enjoy this Japanese tradition that's slightly different from overseas to your heart's content!